Homemade herb vinegars and herb oils - a great gift idea

If you would like to make vinegar that is flavoured with medicinal plants, it is recommended to use a good organic wine vinegar. Once you have decided on a few herbs, put all parts of the selected plants in a screw-cap bottle. Then pour in the wine vinegar. The mixture must infuse for around four to six weeks. Before using, drain the vinegar through a cloth to remove the herbs. Your herb vinegar is now ready! Pour it into a decorative bottle and tie a bow around it to make the perfect present. Incidentally, this not only works well with medicinal plants, but also with fruit.

 Of course, vinegar must be accompanied with a good oil

Of course, vinegar must be accompanied with a good oil. Making the oil is essentially the same as the herb vinegar. Instead of using vinegar, use a cold-pressed olive oil. When preparing aroma oil, it is better to use dried herbs or medicinal plants rather than fresh ones.

Fresh plants in oil can start to mould. Therefore, you should shake the bottle every day. After around six weeks, put everything through a sieve and pour it into a nice bottle. The perfect present is ready when the next invitation arrives!