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Maskne – what to do when masks cause pimples

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Mouth-nose masks have been the everyday companion for several months to protect themselves and others from infection with the coronavirus. However, the frequent wearing of the mask leads to irritation of the skin and can eventually lead to a so-called maskne. Maskne is made up of the words mask and acne and describes skin irritation, redness or pimples that occur in the area of the cheeks, chin and nose bridge due to wearing a mask.

How you can treat and prevent maskne, we tell you here.

How and why develops maskne?

Two factors play a significant role in the formation of maskne. The first is the tight fit of the mask directly on the skin. This damages the skin barrier and creates small cracks in the top layer of skin – an ideal attack surface for dirt, bacteria and germs.

In addition, the constant breathing under the mask makes it very warm. As a result, the skin sweats more quickly. The moisture impairs the skin’s natural protective function, making it easier for germs to penetrate. As a result, impurities develop.

How can I effectively treat maskne?

Even at the first signs of mask-related acne, it is important to support the skin with the right care. Do not use too many products, as this will further irritate the skin. Skin care products that help treat blemished skin are especially good here, as these products gently cleanse the skin without stressing it.

Part of your daily facial care should be a wash gel or toner for the treatment of maskne, which reduces skin impurities and ensures a clarified complexion. The basic products recommended are those containing tea tree oil, panthenol or zinc PCA, as these ingredients help to reduce pimples, blackheads and other skin impurities. Make sure you are moisturizing your skin. It’s best to use moisturizers with light textures to avoid clogging pores.

TOP 4 Tips to prevent maskne

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1. clean the skin thoroughly

Your facial skin needs more attention due to constant irritation. To prevent dirt and bacteria from getting into your skin, you should clean your face with a gentle cleansing gel before and after wearing your mouth-nose protection.


2. take proper care of your skin

Moisturize your skin enough. This supports the natural protective function of your facial skin. Also, treat yourself to a nourishing face mask every now and then.

3. renounce strong make-up

If possible, refrain from wearing heavy makeup under your mask. Wearing foundation, in conjunction with moisture that forms under the mask, encourages pores to clog. This can lead to a quick breakout of maskne.


4. give the skin a break

After two hours, give your skin a little break and let some fresh air get to your facial skin. Of course, this is only recommended in areas where you won’t endanger any of your fellow human beings and pulling off your mouth-nose protection is allowed.

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