for humans
and nature

With this in mind, we are committed not only to providing your skin with sustainable care, but also to taking responsibility for our environment.

Sustainable packaging

Not only are our alkmene® products recyclable, they are also produced with sustainable, recycled packaging. The folding boxes are made of at least 85% recycled material. Of course, our packaging is FSC certified.

100% vegan

Our ingredients are 100% vegan! We believe that good personal care products and cosmetics should not be developed at the expense of animals. To ensure this, we test our suppliers’ raw materials against the Vegan Society criteria. Our alkmene® products have not been and will not be tested on animals. Furthermore, testing on animals for cosmetic products has been generally prohibited in the EU since 2013. This applies not only to raw materials, but also to the final cosmetic product.

100% dermatologically tested

Our alkmene® products are tested by renowned institutes. According to the EU regulation, this label assures a test procedure on humans, which took place in the presence of a dermatologist.

100% microplastic-free

As alkmene®, we do not use microplastics in any of our formulations. Our products are also 100% free of polymers, parabens, silicones and mineral oils.

At least 90% ingredients of natural origin

In the development and production of our alkmene® products, ingredients of natural origin are of the highest quality. We use at least 90% ingredients of natural origin. These have been analyzed and verified according to the international standard ISO 16128:2017. The max. 10% used synthetic ingredients meet the highest quality standards and are carefully selected and used with caution.

climate neutral product

All our alkmene® MY TEA TREE OIL products are climate neutral. Climate neutral products are characterized by the fact that their CO2 emissions are offset by internationally recognized climate protection projects.

For example, our Climate Partner provides clean drinking water in Uganda.

100% Made in Germany

The high-quality natural cosmetics are produced in our German family-owned production for over 50 years in Baden- Württemberg. The products are produced at two regional locations – in Siegelsbach in Swabia and in Hüffenhardt near Heilbronn.

In our in-house research and development laboratory, our products are designed using the best active ingredients for maximum efficacy and tolerability. Here we benefit from the many years of experience and careful selection of ingredients by our experts.

With our quality standards, you can be sure that our skin care products are also of excellent quality.

We try to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible. We want to constantly improve for the benefit of your skin.

We are: Good to skin, good to the environment.

The environment is close to our hearts and therefore we pay close attention to sustainable and careful use of resources in production. These come from well-selected suppliers who adhere to strict guidelines. That is why we are committed to sustainability goals that go far beyond the legal requirements and regulations. Since 2017, our company has even been 100% climate neutral.

The well-being of nature, people and animals is very close to our hearts. That is why the company is committed to projects that benefit human and animal welfare, such as new habitats for bees or baby care for orphans.

Since 2014, we have been using exclusively 100% green electricity from renewable sources, such as hydropower, solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy or biomass supported at our two production sites in Germany. This has enabled us to save 2.9 tons of C02 annually so far and improve our ecological footprint.

We make use of this heat by means of heat recovery. This is done via our compressor system equipped with water cooling, in which a heat exchanger is connected to the heating network. We have been working with environmentally friendly heat recovery since the end of 2017.

The huge roof area of the packaging materials warehouse in Hüffenhardt was equipped with solar cells when it was built in 2015 to generate some of the electricity itself. The energy generated in this way flows into the power grid and is used where it is needed.

Christine Steger

managing director

“As a family business, the well-being of future generations is particularly close to our hearts. We face up to this responsibility anew every day. We are committed to ambitious sustainability goals across the entire value chain.”