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alkmene® has been passionately developing reliable care products for over 55 years, whose effect is based on extracts and oils of selected plants. Like generations before us, we appreciate the power of nature and have been passionately developing natural and effective cosmetics ever since. This makes us one of the oldest traditional brands in the field of body care.

Our brand is part of MANN & SCHRÖDER COSMETICS, a tradition-conscious family business in southwestern Germany, which is now managed by the third generation. Not only has our Mann & Schröder family grown to about 700 colleagues – but with it, our experience and expertise in body care. This is reflected not least in the reliable formulations of our products.


1968 marks the birth of alkmene® as Mann & Schröder’s first own body care brand. Our name is an inspiration from ancient Greek and stands for strength and power. Alkmene® was also the mother of the famous Hercules, warrior and demigod of Greek mythology. Alkmene® was considered to be unsurpassably beautiful and wise. We see these qualities also in our brand alkmene®: Beauty


In the 1970s, our alkmene® bath balm succeeded in being exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. The packaging, in the form of an apothecary’s bottle with a linen label, was considered not only unusual but also extremely innovative. The design was even honored with an illustration in the “Graphis Annual 73/74”. Even then, we stood for competence, through the effective power of nature.

1980 / 1990

In the 80s/90s, there was a steady development of our brand portfolio, with products becoming better and better. These were adapted entirely according to the needs of the customer.


Finally, in 2015, our first relaunch of our Australian Tea Tree Oil Care took place.


2017 saw the launch of our The power of traditional plants series consisting of 24 products with BIO traditional plant oils and extracts.


In 2018, the alkmene® brand celebrated its 50th anniversary.


In 2019, The power of traditional plants series was expanded to include facial care and oral and dental care.


In 2022, our tea tree oil care series was relaunched as MY TEA TREE OIL. To find out why MY TEA TREE OIL Care is your new tea tree oil care, here.