Our values: Plant-based effectiveness. Expertise. Responsibility. | alkmene


Our Values

Day after day, we align our actions with the values that distinguish us as a brand:

  • Plant-based effectiveness
  • Expertise
  • Responsibility


At alkmene® we believe in the natural efficacy of proven herbal ingredients and are convinced that they have positive effects on human health and the environment. Alkmene® relies exclusively on ingredients of the highest pharmaceutical quality. The effectiveness of our products is regularly confirmed by independent institutes and dermatologically tested.


We are proud to say that for over 55 years, alkmene has been using its knowledge and experience in natural cosmetics and continuously developing it together with natural scientists in order to design products for you that you can trust. “Made in Germany” is not only a promise of quality to our customers, but above all a traditional promise of loyalty to ourselves.


Good for the skin, good for the environment. With this thought, we feel obliged not only to offer your skin a sustainable care, but also to bear responsibility towards our environment. Therefore, in the production we already attach importance to 100% climate-neutral and vegan products, whose ingredients are at least 90% of natural origin (ISO 16128) and recyclable packaging.