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The concentration of tea tree oil in cosmetic products can be assessed as safe up to an application concentration of 1% and should not be exceeded. This assessment also applies to pregnant women. In very sensitive or allergy-prone skin, tea tree oil can cause skin irritation, so it should never be used undiluted. It is recommended to test tea tree oil products in advance for its compatibility, e.g. in the crook of the arm.

Yes all our products are vegan. Whether our products are tested on animals? No. In Germany and the EU, it has been forbidden by law since 2013 to test cosmetic products and their ingredients on animals.

Especially people with impure and oily skin can benefit from the positive effect of tea tree oil. A study from 2010, published in the “Journal of the German Dermatological Society”, confirmed that the application on acne has a positive effect. The antibacterial effect of tea tree oil ensures that inflammation is inhibited and gradually subsides. Therefore, the disinfecting oil can have a positive effect especially on pus pimples.

No, MY TEA TREE OIL products are not suitable for application to open wounds.

alkmene® is a natural cosmetic, which means that we do not use ingredients such as mineral oils and silicones. For us, the effect and pleasant application of the products is paramount. Unfortunately, natural alternatives are not available for all desired product properties. Nevertheless, we try, where possible, to use ingredients of natural origin. MY TEE TREA OIL products consist of at least 90% ingredients of natural origin.

The careful use of natural resources is particularly important to us. That is why we are committed to sustainability goals that go far beyond the legal requirements and regulations. Since 2017, our company has even been 100% climate neutral.

In the case of climate-neutral products, the carbon dioxide emitted during the manufacture of the product is offset elsewhere. The overall CO2 balance of the product would thus be neutral. The compensation is made, for example, through payments to organizations that reforest forests. As a company, our production is already climate-neutral. The overriding sustainability goal is to further reduce CO2 emissions. MY TEE TREA OIL products are also 100% climate-neutral.

Our products are manufactured in Germany. More precisely, at our Siegelsbach and Hüffenhardt sites.

Our packaging materials at alkmene® MY TEA TREE OIL generally have a good recyclability.

Ideally, you can separate different plastics beforehand for even better recycling, e.g. separate the closure and send both to the collection.

Our MY TEA TREE OIL products are completely free of silicones and microplastics. Palm oil is included in the products, except for the scalp tonic and tea tree oil. The reason for this is that the palm oil plant is by far the most productive. This means that if you were to switch to other vegetable oils, such as rapeseed oil, you would need many times more acreage, which in turn has a negative impact on sustainability. In addition, the skin benefits from the softening properties of palm oil. We only purchase raw materials that are certified according to RSPO MB.

Our products have a shelf life of at least 30 months after production date or 12 months after opening. The products should be stored between 15-25°C, direct sunlight should be avoided. The products contain natural tea tree oil. As this is a natural raw material, slight variations in quality may occur due to weather/harvest. Since tea tree oil naturally has a yellow-green-brownish tinge, discoloration of the product may occur due to this. However, this has no effect on the quality or effect.

The MY TEA TREE OIL products contain the typical inherent odor of tea tree oil. But don’t worry, the new formulations do not smell too strongly of tea tree oil, but also have a mild to creamy note.

Basically, a skin disease like rosacea is harmless – apart from the cosmetic aspect. However, it does increase the skin’s sensitivity.

In general, there is nothing against the use of MY TEA TREE OIL products for rosacea. If you should react unintentionally to MY TEA TREE OIL products, we do recommend discontinuing the use of the products.