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Underground and Encapsulated Pimples

Although hardly visible from the outside, subterranean pimples or even encapsulated pimples are nevertheless unpleasant and often painful. On the chin or in other areas of the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin), the impurities often persist and appear as subterranean pimples for days to weeks. Discover the causes of impurities and what to do about them.

What are subterranean pimples?

Subterranean pimples are pimples that do not appear on the upper, but lower skin surface. Most often they can be felt as a slight elevation with the finger or as reddened elevations. So-called underground pimples are “normal” pimples that appear in the lower layers of the skin. Often, the subterranean pimples are not really visible, but only palpable.

How do underground pimples develop?

The cause of subterranean pimples – as with the development of “normal pimples” – includes hormonal changes (e.g. menstrual cycle, puberty or pregnancy), medication use and environmental influences (e.g. unsuitable care products, temperature and humidity).

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These influences lead to excessive formation of horny cells (hyperkeratosis) and sebum (seborrhea). As a result, the bacteria thus collected on the skin cause inflammation and clog the excretory ducts of the pores. A blockage is formed, which eventually leads to an encapsulated pimple.


Dead skin flakes or an ingrown hair can also cause inflammation under the skin. It usually takes days or even weeks for the encapsulated pimple to finally move to the surface of the skin. Subterranean pimples are often painful. We reveal the cure for subterranean pimples or how to get rid of encapsulated pimples overnight below.

Tips against underground pimples or encapsulated pimples under the skin

To get rid of encapsulated pimples, they should never be squeezed or pricked. The reason for this is that bacteria are distributed under the skin and pimples spread as a result. In the worst case, pressing too hard will damage healthy skin and cause scars.

To bring the irritation to the surface, a steam bath for the face helps. This is easily done by heating water in a large pot and lightly bending over it with your face. It is best to place a towel over your head so that the steam cannot escape. This opens the pores and allows the subterranean pimple to rise to the surface.


The essential oil has an anti-inflammatory effect and promotes healing. But beware – tea tree oil can be irritating to sensitive skin, so this should be diluted with water. Before applying tea tree oil, it is best to test this on another area of skin, such as the arm, to test tolerance. Alternatively, you can use care products that contain tea tree oil – like our MY TEA TREE OIL products

Subterranean pimples can often be avoided by cleansing the skin so that they do not appear in the first place. It is best to wash the face in the morning and evening with lukewarm water and a wash gel suitable for impure skin.

Draw ointment can also help get underground pimples out of the skin – it brings the pus to the surface. As with tea tree oil, be careful to apply the ointment only to the affected area. It is best to put a very small amount of the traction ointment on a cotton swab and dab the black ointment onto the pimple. You can buy it over-the-counter in pharmacies.


Traction ointment leads to the fact that the pimple visually worsens first. It becomes redder, thicker and a head of pus may become visible – whereby the goal has been achieved. This is because the pimple can only heal completely on the surface. Here, however, the pimple should in no case be squeezed.


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