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Skin care for blemished skin – 12 care principles

Not only teenagers, but also adults struggle with impure skin. Blemished skin and pimples can have many different causes. Therefore, it is difficult to identify the actual trigger(s) in the beginning.

To fight blemished skin, we have defined 12 important skin care principles to guide you on your way to clear skin.

If you want to find out in advance how pimples are formed and which forms of skin impurities exist, please read this article.

12 care principles for impure skin infographic

Skin care for blemished skin: the right facial care routine

1. For impure skin, the face should be cleaned regularly.

The face should be cleaned regularly, so excess sebum and toxins can be removed from the skin. A gel or foam can be used for cleansing. This opens the pores and removes dead skin cells. It is important that the product used for cleansing is mild, so that impure skin is not unnecessarily attacked. Also, remember to wash your hands thoroughly before cleansing.

But beware: too intensive cleansing can also have the opposite effect, as this removes the natural protective film on the skin and the skin has to constantly recreate this film. This in turn can quickly lead to an overproduction of sebum. In addition to cleansing, care must also be taken to ensure that the skin does not dry out too much and that it is restored to its natural balance with moisturizing substances.

To further clarify the skin and remove the remains of makeup, the face can be dabbed with a cotton pad soaked in toner. Once or twice a week, a face mask and a peeling can also be used (our product MY TEA TREE OIL 3 in 1 Cleansing-Exfoliation-Mask is suitable here). Peelings can cleanse the skin down to the pores and remove old skin flakes. The development of inflammations is thus avoided and active substances can better enter the skin. With regular use (1-2 times a week), the skin also becomes noticeably smoother and the complexion appears finer.

Why should the face not be cleaned with water only?

Water has a pH value of 7 and thus attacks the protective acid mantle of the skin (skin pH value: 4-6). Care products are adapted to the pH value of the skin and thus strengthen the natural protective barrier, soothe the skin and have a moisturizing effect. In the case of oily skin, too hot water should also be avoided, as it stimulates the metabolism and thus also the sebum production.


2. Moisturizing care products should also be used for blemished skin.

While unsightly blemishes such as pimples should be dried out, it is still very important that blemished skin is adequately moisturized. Without sufficient moisture, facial skin becomes brittle and more susceptible to pimple-causing bacteria due to the damaged skin barrier. Accordingly, after cleansing, skin care should be rounded off with a face cream suitable for impure skin. This should be adapted to the respective skin type. For oily skin, a low-fat cream should be used. In combination skin, the T-zone shows signs of oily skin, whereas the cheeks tend to be dry. Therefore, it is also important here to pay attention to the right care.


3. Squeeze pimples only in certain cases

Pimples should only be squeezed if they are not encapsulated or deep under the skin. Always disinfect the affected area beforehand and use a cosmetic tissue or comedone squeezer to squeeze it out. Fingernails can easily damage the skin, allowing bacteria to penetrate and the pimple to become even more inflamed.

Skin care for blemished skin: use the right care products

4. Less is more: Do not use too many products for blemished skin, but rather products that are coordinated with each other.

Do not use too many different care products for impure skin. The use of too many products can lead to impure skin tending to irritation and being “over-cared for”. It is best to use a product line in which the active ingredients are perfectly coordinated to provide the best possible care for impure skin and achieve good results.


5. The right active ingredients are essential for the care of blemished skin.

When buying a product, pay particular attention to the ingredients. Suitable substances for impure skin are:

  • Panthenol: anti-inflammatory, anti-itching, regenerating, strengthening the moisture reservoir of the skin.
  • Allantoin: anti-irritant, skin-soothing, smoothes skin surface, increases moisture retention capacity
  • Witch hazel: anti-itching, skin soothing
  • Tea tree oil: antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory effect
  • Zinc PCA: astringent, antiseptic and moisturizing effect
  • Niacinamide: intensive care effect, pore refining, improvement of collagen synthesis

Skin care for blemished skin: tips for everyday life

6. Keep your hands off your face

Not touching your face sounds easy, but it’s usually hard to do. Because sometimes you rest your chin on your hands or nibble at a pimple. Nevertheless, this principle is very important, because we touch door handles, railings, money, etc. with our hands and the bacteria that adhere to them then bring to our skin.


7. Sweating opens the pores

Sweating opens the pores and thus allows the sebum to get out. This procedure can be done in the form of a steam bath with essential oils (e.g. tea tree oil). Essential oils have anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects. You can use a steam bath weekly, at least five minutes each time.

Dosage for a steam bath with tea tree oil: 3 drops per 100ml.


8. Change pillowcase regularly

Our skin works mainly at night, which means that the pores carry pollutants, such as bacteria, to the outside. To prevent these bacteria and other dirt from reaching the skin, it is important to wash the pillowcase about once a week.


9. Change face towel regularly

Just like on pillowcases, bacteria like to cavort in towels. The warm, moist environment provides a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, the face towel should only be used for the face and also not more than three times.

Tip: Set a reminder in your phone to change the pillowcase as well as the towel.


10. Clean makeup brushes and sponges regularly

Brushes and sponges used for makeup are often neglected when it comes to cleaning. Yet they are real bacteria catchers. The rule is: clean them at least once a week with lukewarm water.


11. Disinfect cell phones

Smartphones are a constant companion for most people. On average, every German looks at his smartphone about 30-60 times a day. There are also a lot of bacteria on the surface, which get onto the skin of the face when using the phone. To avoid this, disinfect your cell phone regularly and avoid further pimples.

Skin care for impure skin of men

12. Skin care also for men

Men usually have oilier skin than women, because the sex hormone testosterone produces more sebum in the skin (if you want to know exactly which hormones play a role in sebum production and blemished skin, check out this post). That’s why cleansing your face daily is especially important. Applying a face cream is also useful for men, since shaving the face irritates the skin. Here you should resort to products that soothe irritated pores and reduce redness.

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