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Face Yoga

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Yoga relaxes, strengthens the muscles, increases the well-being and ensures that body and soul are brought into harmony. A very special type of yoga is Face Yoga. With targeted exercises that stretch, strengthen and relax our 26 facial muscles, the anti-aging trend promises firmer skin and reduced wrinkles.
In this post, we’ll show you some face yoga exercises that you can easily do at home.

What is Face Yoga?

Face Yoga or facial yoga is a special training of the facial muscles. It combines various exercises that relax the face and promote the strengthening of the muscles. Facial yoga is a combination of muscle tension, muscle relaxation and gentle massage sessions. The skin is tightened, the blood circulation is promoted and the general well-being is increased.

Origins Face Yoga

The Face Yoga is due to the Japanese Fumiko Takatsu. She is the founder of the “Face Yoga Method”. After a serious car accident, Fumiko Takatsu had some physical damage and an asymmetrical face. Since she was able to get her body back in shape through specific muscle training, it occurred to her that the same could work with her face.  Thus, Face Yoga was born. With targeted facial exercises, she has managed to look younger, firmer and more balanced. To spread her knowledge about Face Yoga, she writes books, appears on TV shows, and hosts events and workshops.

5 Face Yoga exercises

The great thing about facial yoga is that you can do it at home without much effort and time. Before you start, you should clean your hands and face and apply cream. You can find suitable product tips at the end of this article.

Then you can start directly with your facial yoga. Have fun trying it out!

  • Place your index and middle fingers directly under your eyebrows and gently press upwards
  • Close your eyes and tense them slightly
  • Hold this tension for a few seconds and then let go
  • Repeat this exercise 5x


  • Relax your face
  • Open your mouth and stick your tongue out as far as possible towards your chin so that the tip of your tongue touches your chin
  • Pull your tongue back into your mouth
  • Repeat this exercise in 3 sets of 10 repetitions each


Face Yoga Uebung gegen Doppelkinn

  • Take one arm horizontally for stabilization and put the other arm horizontally on
  • Form a fist and place your chin on it
  • Open your lower jaw and press the chin down, meanwhile hold your arm slightly against it for stabilization
  • Close your jaw again


face-yoga-uebung-fuer-eine straffe-kinnlinie

  • Form your index fingers into a C and place them next to your nostrils
  • Now start massaging the skin from the nostrils outwards towards the ears (do not apply too much pressure).
  • Repeat this exercise a few times



  • Put the knuckles of the index finger on the place next to the wings of the nose
  • With light pressure, stroke the muscles of the nose upwards to the root of the nose
  • Move along the eyebrows with a slight upward outward motion to the temples.
  • Repeat this exercise 5 to 10 times


face yoga infographic

Have you tried the Face Yoga exercises? Feel free to share your experience with us in the comments!

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