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MY TEA TREE OIL Skin Stories

Nina's personal skin story


34 years old




slightly oily T-zone with enlarged pores


3 in 1 Cleansing – Peeling – Mask

How would you describe your skin type?


My skin is mostly normal, but some days the T-zone is a little oily. This may also be the reason for my slightly enlarged pores in this area.

My skin is a little dry when I have frequent heating.

Do you want to tell us your personal skin story?


Since stopping the contraceptive pill this year, I have noticed frequent milia on my forehead, around my eyes and on my back. Unfortunately, these are difficult to remove.

Another thing that plays a big role for me is skin care. I used to have a tendency to over-care. In other words, I used far too many products in one day. As a result, my skin was very irritated, couldn’t breathe properly, and pimples formed and my skin became inflamed.

How long has your skin been in the current condition?


I can’t remember any other condition of my skin. However, I have a lot of dryness lines due to years of tanning.

What causes do you suspect for occasional pimples and blackheads?


At the end of my period, I notice pimples on my face and, since stopping the contraceptive pill, also on my shoulder blades. I suspect that if I have a pimple in between, it is due to poor diet the day before.

What is your current MY TEA TREE OIL routine?


In the morning, I use the cleansing foam and the facial cream. In the evening, I use the deep cleansing facial wash, possibly the 3-in-1 product as a mask and the toner. If necessary, I use the anti-blemish stick and the mask before an important appointment. In the shower, I also use the 3 in 1 product for my shoulder blades.

How has your skin changed with this routine?


After using the products, my skin is very soft and I feel really fresh. I also think that I get less pimples at the moment because of the products.

Which is your favourite product?


The 3-in-1 product because it is so versatile and my skin feels extremely soft afterwards. It makes me feel very good to know that I am using a microplastic-free product.