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MY TEA TREE OIL Skin Stories

Maria's personal skin story


33 years old




Combination skin


Gentle Cleansing Foam

How would you describe your skin type?


I have combination skin on my face. Since the birth of my child, I have had to struggle with redness and pimples. Especially in the cheek area, my facial skin was unpleasantly red.

Do you want to tell us your personal skin story?

How long has your skin been in the current condition?


Since the birth of my child 10 weeks ago, I have had the skin changes described.

What causes do you suspect for pimples and blackheads?


Due to the hormonal changes after pregnancy, my facial skin was completely irritated and redness appeared on my cheeks and forehead.

What feelings do you associate with your skin?


I like my skin, so I’m not comfortable with blemishes.

What is your current MY TEA TREE OIL routine?


First, I wash my face with the wash foam. Then I use the toner with a cotton pad and apply the scrub. After I have washed everything off thoroughly, I apply the face cream. I apply the anti-pimple stick selectively to the individual pimples.

How has your skin developed with this routine?


Since I have been following the care routine with MY TEA TREE OIL products, my redness and pimples have disappeared.

Which is your favourite product?


I like the washing foam from the MY TEA TREE OIL series best of all. It is super pleasant to apply and simply feels good on the skin.

Do you have any personal tips on the subject of impure skin?


In addition to daily care, I have found that it is important and good for the skin to drink enough water every day.