Caring for dry elbows: tips for prevention & treatment!

Caring for dry elbows: tips for prevention & treatment


An area of the body that is often neglected when it comes to care, is subjected to a lot of daily stress and is often dried out? We’re talking about our elbows, of course! Because let’s be honest, who has an extra step in their skincare routine just for their elbows? So it’s no wonder that dry elbows are not uncommon – because our elbows also deserve a little attention and care.

Why are our elbows rough and dry?

The causes of dry elbows can vary. However, it is important to realise that we are naturally prone to dry skin on our elbows. Our elbows fulfil an important joint function and play a key role in enabling us to carry out all the movements we make every day with our arms. The skin on our elbows is often exposed to pressure and friction, for example when bending or supporting our arms. The skin on our elbows is therefore significantly thicker and also has fewer sebaceous glands than other areas of our skin.

infografic on dry elbows an sebaceous glands

And why does this lead to dry elbows?

Sebaceous glands have the task of moisturising our skin with the body’s own oils. These fats form a kind of protective layer on the skin that regulates moisture loss and protects the skin from drying out. In areas of the body with few sebaceous glands, this natural protection is also reduced and the skin is less moisturised. In combination with frequent rubbing of the elbow skin against our clothing, the skin is stressed, which can lead to dry and rough elbows.

What other causes of dry elbows are there?

In addition to the natural predisposition of our elbows, there are also other factors that can cause or exacerbate dry or rough skin.

1. Skin diseases
Skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis or neurodermatitis have an impact on the health of our skin and therefore also on the moisture balance. Skin conditions can therefore also exacerbate dry elbows.

2. Dehydration
If we drink too little water, this can not only lead to headaches, but also have an impact on our skin. Too little water can cause the skin to dry out – and therefore also promote dry skin on the elbows.

3. External factors
Environmental influences such as low humidity, high sunlight exposure or cold climates can stress and dry out the skin. In addition, frequent washing can strip the skin of moisture. Elbows in particular, which are prone to dryness, can be affected by such factors.

4. Hormones
Hormones control a lot of things in our body – including the moisture balance of our skin. If hormones become unbalanced, for example due to pregnancy or the menopause, this can have an impact on our skin and lead to dry elbows.

5. Deficiency symptoms
Dry elbows due to deficiency symptoms? Yes, our diet also has an influence on the skin on our elbows. A lack of certain nutrients can lead to dryness and affect skin health. Vitamin deficiencies in particular have an impact on rough elbows. Dry elbows as a symptom of deficiency can be caused by these nutrients in particular:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids are essential fatty acids that are important for healing inflammation
  • Vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin D support the immune system
  • Zinc is a mineral and is responsible for wound healing
  • B vitamins such as biotin and niacin are also important for skin health by influencing the moisture balance


weiße gluehbirne auf gruenem hintergrund


Important: If you have the feeling that you might have a skin condition or that dry elbows are a deficiency symptom, it is best to consult a doctor.

What to do with calluses on the elbows

Elbows are not only prone to dryness due to the nature of their skin, but also to the formation of calluses. Calluses on the elbows are therefore not uncommon. This is partly due to the high mechanical stress caused by the many movements, support and constant friction against clothing. On the other hand, dry skin on the elbows tends to form calluses as it is more susceptible to cracking and thickening of the skin. Age can also play a decisive role here. With increasing age, the skin loses more and more of its elasticity and is less able to retain moisture. Areas that are frequently stressed are particularly affected – this also applies to elbows. As a result, the elbows become increasingly susceptible to dry skin and calluses.

How can you care for dry elbows?


To ensure that our elbows are well cared for and the skin is always moisturised, it is important to follow a few tips when caring for them. We’ll tell you what’s important for dry elbows:

infografic with tips for how to treat dry elbows



1. Drink enough
The first tip applies not only to external care, but to the body in general. In order for the skin to be sufficiently moisturised, the body must of course also have enough moisture resources available. That’s why the motto for dry elbows is: drink, drink, drink!

2. Protect your elbows
Be careful not to expose your elbows to excessive friction. If certain fabrics scratch the skin, avoid them for the time being. It can also help to adjust your sitting habits and, for example, to rest your elbows less often.

3. Moisturising care
The right care with moisturising creams is crucial for dry elbows. Our MEIN OLIVE OIL Intensive Cream is the right choice for stressed and dry skin. With extra virgin olive oil and vitamin E, it not only moisturises but also supports the skin’s natural protective barrier. It helps to bind moisture and thus protect the skin from drying out.

4. Exfoliating the elbows
Exfoliating dry elbows can help to remove dead skin cells. Exfoliation can also soften the skin. It is important not to exfoliate too often or too vigorously so as not to injure or irritate the skin.

5. Regular care
And finally: one-off care for dry elbows is not enough. As elbows are prone to dryness and callus formation, it is important to regularly incorporate moisturising care into your skincare routine. This prevents dry elbows in the long term and the formation of calluses.


So say goodbye to dry elbows and hop over to our moisturising care products to give your elbows some attention and love!

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