Shea oil for the skin | alkmene


What effect does the ingredient shea oil have on the skin?

Shea oil ensures soft and supple skin. How shea oil works, which areas of application there are and how it is obtained, you can find out here.

Shea oil is a refatting, non-comedogenic oil used for the care of dry skin. Shea nut oil is a fractionated variant of shea butter. In Germany, shea oil is rarely available in stores. Shea nut oil has the ingredient name Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Seed Oil.


Shea oil, like shea butter, is extracted from the shea butter tree (shea butter tree). Unlike the traditional production of shea butter – crushing the nuts, boiling them in water and skimming off the fat – shea oil is pressed from the kernels and is usually refined and fractionated.

Shea oil has skin caring, anti-irritant properties and makes the skin supple.  Shea nut oil is usually contained as an oleic and stearic acid component in emulsions for dry and dehydrated skin. It is stable to oxidation and promotes the shelf life of oil mixtures with polyunsaturated fatty acids. Shea oil is also very suitable as a massage oil: the stearic acid remains as a gentle film on the skin, while the oleic acid causes slow but good absorption. This rich, protective oil is also excellently suited for moisturizing hair care products, as an additive in shampoos for dry, brittle hair and in hair treatments. In addition, the odor-decent shea nut oil can be well scented with essential oils.

Shea oil, like shea butter, belongs to the non-comedogenic fats. Non-comedogenic oils do not clog pores and can also be used by impure and oily skin.

In cosmetics, the shea oil or butter, due to its anti-irritant potential and the high content of stearic acid well suited for the prevention of sensitive skin, as well as dry and dehydrated skin. Mature skin also benefits from the anti-irritant potential of the contained triterpenes.

Compared to, for example, cocoa butter or coconut oil, shea oil is not comedogenic, which means that shea oil is also ideally suited for skin prone to impurities, such as acne. The ingredient is very well tolerated and has a skin-soothing effect at the same time. Shea butter can be combined well with other active ingredients.