Kaolin for blemished skin | alkmene


What effect does the ingredient kaolin have on the skin?

Kaolin is used in peelings and masks against impure skin. How kaolin works, which areas of application there are and how it is obtained, you can find out here.

Kaolin is a collective name for a mixture of mostly iron-free clay rocks (clays) with the mineral kaolinite, which forms a weathering product of feldspar. Kaolin is also often referred to as china clay, porcelain clay, white clay, China clay, or in pharmacy as bolus alba or pipe clay. Since kaolin is a colorant, it has the color index CI 77004 on the INCI.

Kaolin occurs comparatively rarely in nature; noteworthy deposits are found in Brazil, the USA, Germany, France, England, the Czech Republic, Japan, China, India and the Philippines. Our kaolin is obtained from a selected kaolinite-containing raw earth from a German deposit by wet-mechanical classification, a subsequent bleaching process, mechanical and thermal dewatering, and grinding under hot air.

Kaolin has abrasive, absorbent, coloring, swelling and clouding properties. Due to its ability to bind fats, kaolin is very popular in cosmetics. Kaolin is one of the natural healing earths. Natural cosmetics exemplarily use the light emery effect for cleansing skin impurities, because the granular structure is able to remove horny skin cells. Kaolin also absorbs dirt particles from the pore with the skin sebum and thus prevents pimples and blackheads. But also masks and creams for impure but sensitive skin often contain the ingredient kaolin. Another property of kaolin is that it swells up, which makes it easier to spread creams on the skin.

Kaolin is mainly used in masks and peelings. The grain size of kaolin is much finer than that of other healing clays, so it is ideal for oily skin and skin prone to impurities. But kaolin is also ideal for sensitive and thin skin.

Kaolinite as the main component of kaolin is a hydrated aluminum silicate, which is why it naturally contains aluminum. However, due to its low content, it is not considered a health concern.

Kaolin’s absorbent properties allow finely dispersed substances to be absorbed, contributing to an overall better skin appearance and making daily skin care routines much more pleasant.