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What effect does the ingredient Lamesoft PO 65 have on the body?

Lamesoft PO 65 is a lipid-replenishing ingredient in cosmetic products. How Lamesoft PO 65 works, which areas of application there are and how it is obtained, you can find out here.

Lamesoft PO 65 is a refatting emollient for cleaning products. The yellowish-viscous and gel-like mixture consists of approx. 32 % coconut glucoside, as well as 26 % fatty acid monoglyceryl esters from sunflower oil and glucose, and a water content of approx. 36 %.

In Lamesoft PO 65, a natural-based lipid is used that also occurs naturally in human skin. However, it is 100% of plant origin.

Lamesoft PO 65 has a refatting, softening and moisture-retaining property. These properties are popular in shampoos, shower and wash gels, bubble baths, and surfactants for baby care.

In shampoos, it increases the wet combability of the hair and has a mild conditioning effect, which can lead to smoother hair. In addition to its irritation-reducing effect in surfactant cosmetics, it has slight thickening properties in sulfate-free surfactant mixtures and thus has a foam-stabilizing effect.

The very mild, non-ionic surfactant coco glucoside contained in Lamesoft PO 65 and the consistency-giving and refatting glyceryl monooleate ensure gentle and also very nourishing cleansing for the body. In addition, the hair is much easier to comb through when wet, which can reduce hair breakage.

However, Lamesoft PO 65 is used exclusively in surfactants and is therefore not universally applicable.

Lamesoft PO 65 is usually dosed between 1-5 %. The manufacturer promises the following care effects for the application concentrations listed below:

EK 1 %:  A proven, refatting effect for light care

EK 3 %:  A soft and smoothing effect for noticeable skin care

EK 5 %:  A 24-hour moisturizing effect for intensive care

Lamesoft PO 65 is free of preservatives and is made from 100% natural, renewable raw materials.

It is COSMOS approved, making it ideal for baby care and sensitive skin, as well as for today’s environmentally conscious consumers.

Provided the use concentration described above is not exceeded and the product is used as intended, the ingredient is not of concern.