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Natural home remedy for weeds

Stinging nettles frequently struggle with a bad reputation, particularly with people who have come into contact with their leaves. But garden owners will be surprised at just how effectively they can help with maintaining their garden. Stinging nettles have been considered a medicinal plant since the Middle Ages. Since they are said to promote circulation in the scalp and to nourish the hair roots, they are frequently used for hair loss and to care for hair that becomes oily quickly. But stinging nettles can be greatly beneficial for garden lovers.

When used as a fertiliser or between other plants, it helps to support the growth of your plants and to improve the quality of the soil. This can significantly increase your harvest. Fertilising your garden with stinging nettle liquid manure helps to make vegetable plants more resistant to pests and fungi.

There is also a trick to give your home-grown herbs a more intense flavour - put stinging nettles between the individual plants and you will notice that they will be much more aromatic. This should help to make the otherwise unpopular stinging nettle a gardener's best friend.